What does innovative construction management mean?
Innovative construction management (exactly the name of our company) requires innovative methods and techniques both in management and construction.
As to management techniques, innovativeness consists in use of scenario planning, network simulation, risk assessment, business processes monitoring, and use of alternative channels. Each of the above mentioned techniques is now well-known, so it hardly could be considered as innovative. However, the combination of all methods becomes an innovative tool to manage construction project, especially in Russia.
Scenario Planning
Tough Russian conditions present numerous challenges, so scenario planning becomes an effective instrument to bring the success to the project as a whole. To forecast the situation in development is essential for every business and crucial for construction. Although modern science proposes a series of forecasting techniques based on statistics, trends and other mathematical analysis, most of them are inapplicable to Russian building process.
Scenario planning is one of few tools which allow seeing the process from the beginning till the final stage, playing all possible scenarios in advance. This stage is performed as a business game, often a series of business games, in which all our key managers and leading specialists of our subcontractors are involved. The preliminary planning of a role play guarantees the successful issue of the stage, principally by preparing apposite charts and matrix to be filled-in and specified during the discussion devoted to subcontractors cooperation.
 Network Simulation
According to the results of scenario planning (or role-play), the following two stages are realized: network simulation and risk assessment. Our experience demonstrates that only such sequence makes it possible to draw a workable progress schedule and to get a realistic risk assessment. Without thorough playing, taking into consideration opinions of our specialists and evaluations of future contractors, you risk to miss too many details which results in losses of time and money.
We pay particular attention to this stage while we prepare complex projects such as offices which require numerous subcontractors. 
Risk Assessment 
For the period of the business game, we find out the most vulnerable aspects, but we consider risk assessment ought to be thoroughly analysed during a separate stage. Afterward, the appropriate measures are provided depending on risk probability and possible damage in connection with the use of alternative channels.
Use of alternative channels
Suppose, the required construction materials should be delivered to the site by a certain date in accordance with the progress schedule, but you contacted the materials supplier for the first time. Although you have taken all the necessary steps, legal and financial, to prevent obligations violation, supply stoppage will result in the project suspension. In this case you will previously find an alternative channel and arrange the terms and the price of rush supply even on less favorable conditions, so if something happens there is no need to call meetings, search market for new suppliers, carry negotiations and so on. We guarantee to our Client not only the quality of the work, but the terms as well.
Business Processes Monitoring
What processes to monitor? How to monitor: continually or selectively, by result or in movement?  We make the selection during the risk assessment stage. We attach particular importance to business processes monitoring since even the beginning of it can demonstrate the quality and the terms of work execution. You should also take into consideration the fact if you did not check the process performance on time it would be impossible to correct or repair the faults without the structures dismantle.
Despite our suppliers are reliable companies, it happens we find some deviation while monitor their business processes, so we have to take strong measures including use of alternative channels. Fortunately, it happens to our suppliers rarely.
The mentioned techniques require adequate resources and time, including the pre-project period. Nevertheless, this method is completely reasonable: it enables avoiding rush work, urgent supply, supplementary materials, lack of quality, terms violation, etc. Our additional liabilities and operations become evident advantages to the client, from high quality and on schedule execution to cost-effective solutions and experienced on-site management. Such approach is appreciated by our clients, so we have some large and well-known companies among them.
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