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ICM operates in the field of construction projects management based on advanced methods and technologies adapted to Russian practice.
We can offer you assistance at pre-project, project, and construction stages of various developments, among which  business and retail centers, mixed use, banks, production & storage facilities, sport & leisure, residential. ICM act as project manager, general contractor, customer-builder, technical consultant. Our core purpose is to assist you as an investor in successful realization of designed project providing its optimization in some important aspects such as quality, terms, and price.
Our specialists are practiced in construction management and project realization in various regions of Russian Federation. Development and adoption of innovative construction management – for more details you can browse the site – became real as a result of accumulated experience together with a thorough analysis of both positive and negative practice of local and international companies activity in Russia.
Sustainability of ICM solutions is proved by the ever-expanding listing of our customers and partners, among which leading Russian and international companies.
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